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Sanitation Supplies

Sanitation solutions are what Sani-Sol is all about. We specialize in janitorial supplies and all the products, equipment and accessories needed to get the job done, no matter how big or small.

We take pride in the fact that we offer Green Solutions and Environmentally friendly products as well.


We are affiliated with the most important group of hygiene specialists in Canada. We have developed highly performing and innovative solutions for industrial, commercial institutional and residential building maintenance and cleaning.


Here are a few of our Sanitation categories:


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A listing of all our suppliers and brands in Alphabetical order.




A wide variety of cleaning, sanitizing and finishing products for all surfaces and tasks.




An assortment of papers from toilet tissue, paper towel, facial tissues and more.


Garbage Bags


Any size garbage bag in a variety of colors and strengths.




Tools, accessories, supplies and dispensers for every cleaning job.




Winter matting for indoor and outdoor of every type as well as ice melter products.




Safety Data Sheets to keep every one safe while using.


On the road to Green Cleaning!

Green Cleaning

As a top notch supplier of sanitary products and equipment, Sani-Sol is your access to ecological and environmentally-friendly products that offer great performance.

Sani-Sol offers a complete line of green products that surpass most industry standards while at the same time being better for you, for your equipment, more economical and safer for our environment.

  1. Better for you
    Biocompatible solutions that will contribute to better health and productivity.
  2. Better for your equipment
    Ecological cleaning products that have a much lower pH than traditional chemical products, thus greatly reducing the erosion on hard surfaces and your equipment.
  3. Better for the environment
    Biodegradable cleaning and hygiene solutions contributing to reducing your imprint on the environment.
  4. More economical
    Quality environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that have a higher dilution rate than traditional products that can lead to savings of up to 35% on the direct cleaning product costs while reducing the space required to store the products.

The green cleaning solutions available at Sani-Sol can be included in your new cleaning procedures to create a cleaning program that can be economical and certified Green.

Your company can benefit from green cleaning advantages right away, why wait any longer?

A quick look at Green Cleaning:

  • Sales of ecological products rose by over 300% in the 3rd quarter in 2008.
  • 40% of Quebec schools are already using biotechnological products.
  • Studies clearly demonstrate that the use of green products quickly improves air quality in the workplace.
  • The use of green products contributes to sustainable development and reduces the imprint of industrial and commercial activities on our environment.

Do not hesitate any longer, get in touch with a Sani-Sol representative to discover all the advantages of green cleaning and the environmentally-friendly ecological products that are already available.




An eco label identifies products that have been measured and certified against established environmental leadership criteria. Ecolabelling helps individuals, corporations and governments make informed purchasing choices that reduce their ecological footprint.

Companies whose products and services have been certified by various ecolabelling programs are considered as being less harmful to the environment while still meeting or exceeding applicable safety or performance standards.

Here are some of the standards presently in effect in North America and elsewhere around the world. All these certifications should interest the JanSan industry.




EcoLogo is North America's most widely recognized and respected certification of environmental leadership. By setting standards and certifying products in more than 120 categories, EcoLogo helps identify, trust, buy, and sell environmentally preferable ("green") goods and services.

Go Green

Go Green

The BOMA Go Green Environmental Certification program is a voluntary program designed for existing or occupied buildings. It is offered by BOMA Canada as a service to all member and non-member commercial building owners.

Green Seal

Green Seal

Green Seal is an American non-profit environmental labelling organization that awards a "Green Seal of Approval" to products found to cause significantly less harm to the environment than other similar products.

LEED Canada


Leed® Canada for New Construction and Major Renovations version 1.0 is an adaptation of the US Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System (LEED®), tailored specifically for Canadian climates, construction practices and regulations.



Certification attributed to certain INO Solutions professional hygiene solutions attesting that they are ecological and as such, safer for the environment.

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